Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One out of Three

Well, Grammy and Gramps struck-out again in the present department.

Well, I guess Grammy did. She knitted Claire a darling hippo hat especially for her.

And she didn’t like it. At all. (see her little hippo looking teeth? that isn’t the back story here, just cute)

She tried it on Gramps and she liked it on him but still not on her. (but he is pretty cute in it, don’t you think?)


Then they tried it on her new baby and she liked on the baby too but still not on her. So we gave up on the hat for now.

Then they hit a homerun . . .

She got a Weasel!

And she loved on that thing and carried it around and then we put the battery in and freaked out Hazel and just had a grand time.


But in the end, when we put away the weasel, she really liked the box.

Merry Christmas!

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