Thursday, October 25, 2012

Memphis Zoo

I don’t know how many times Uncle Lance has tried to get me to go to the zoo over the years. And he finally got us to go. And with the two little ones, it wasn’t that hard to do . . .

2012-10-05 11.20.15

All loaded up in and ready to go to the zoo!

2012-10-05 11.24.27

One of the first animals we saw were the penguins!
They were always one of Mommy’s favorites to see.

2012-10-05 11.25.23

Claire liked to say hi to all of the animals.
So here she is – “Hi penguins!”

2012-10-05 11.25.40

Alec wanted to see them too!

2012-10-05 11.37.13

“Hi chickens!”

2012-10-05 11.38.53

After she said hi to the donkey and we brayed, Mommy lifted her to pet him. would have thought I was trying to murder her when it came time to touch it . . . sigh

2012-10-05 11.46.01

She quacked at the ducks (after saying hi)

2012-10-05 11.46.04

and flapped her wings and did a jig.

2012-10-05 11.48.22

“Hi Goats!”

2012-10-05 11.54.03

Claire in the prairie dog hole waving.

2012-10-05 11.54.26

Last look before she went back down to the tunnel.

2012-10-05 12.06.32

Not sure what Claire is doing to Alec in the reflection . . .

2012-10-05 12.06.55

“Hi Kimono Dragon.”

2012-10-05 12.09.43

“Hi Hippos!”

2012-10-05 12.09.49


2012-10-05 12.15.48

“Hi turtles, Mommy, what are the turtles doing?”

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We went to Memphis the first week of October to celebrate Auntie Lance’s 40th Birthday!

2012-10-05 08.49.12

We gave Lance his present early because we just couldn’t wait. I think he liked them Alec has a pair just like them he will wear in a few months. They will be Superman Chuck Taylor buddies! Happy Birthday Lance!

What Did the Easter Bunny Bring?

I found this in drafts and should have obviously been posted in April/May. If I figure out how to put it back in the timeline where it should be I will. Here is what you missed in the Spring . . .



The Easter Bunny worked long and hard to make baskets just right for Claire, Alec and Hazel.


Claire liked hers a lot. She got bath paint!


And a bat to hit it out of there!


And a pretty princess necklace and bracelet.


And perhaps her favorite thing – a magnifying glass!


Claire and Mommy.


Claire and her Peeps.


Alec seemed to like his basket too!


He liked nibbling on the wings of his bug car.


And looking to see what everyone else got.


And Hazel liked her basket too.

Happy Easter!

Our Little Ballerina

Claire is taking ballet and tap classes. I took a (not very good) picture of her the first day.

2012-08-29 17.33.00

She loves going to ballet and tap class. I would take more pictures but I seem to be a bit of a distraction when I watch her. She turns and waves and says hi to me and tells everybody that is her Mommy. So I have to watch stealthily. She is have a lot of fun. Can’t wait until the recital!



One might say Alec and Grampy like each other.


A lot.

The Whale

When we painted the dining room several weeks ago Claire helped, of course. She was painting the same wall as us at first and then kept disappearing behind the china cabinet and was busy painting this.


I see the sea, a whale and a dock. Daddy saw a different whale and the sea but a whale just the same. Claire told us it was a whale – after we asked her if it was a whale. But we definitely have a little artist!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tea Time

We had another tea party this past Saturday. We decided to make it Halloween themed since, surprise, surprise, Mommy has a Halloween little girl tea set. It was quite nice.


Happy Halloween! We’ll have to have tea again soon!

Likes . . .


Doritos and Cheesy Poofs


Cheerios, Goldfish, Doritos and Cheesy Pooh
(and looks like maybe peas)


Her brother and his sister.


Sunglasses. But not for long.

Up, Up and Away

It is finally here and put together. Well, it’s been here a while but in pieces. It was finally cool enough to put it together and play on it!


Everybody having a lot of fun!


Alec having a lot of fun and looking like he has a mullet for some reason.


Claire had a blast. She loves to swing!

Thank you Aunt Cindy, Uncle Keith and Cousin Blake for handing it down to us. We love it.

Carnival Fun

We went to the Sacred Heart Carnival and had a really fun time. Claire loved playing all of the games and having her face painted. Alec had a good time hanging out and watching his sister.


Our pretty little butterfly.


A close-up.

He’s Officially a Boy Now . . .

He got his first shiner the a few weeks ago.


It got prettier as the days went on. After the initial blow, it didn’t seem to bother him. He wore his badge with honor.