Saturday, January 31, 2009

Six months, Two days

Here is the picture I took of Claire today for my friends at Google. I kept meaning to take a pic in the outfit they sent her and kept forgetting. Good thing considering there aren't many more days she will fit in the outfit. She is sitting in her Bebe Pod (like a Bumbo) but Mike says she looks like she is sitting on the potty. For the record, she is not. Thanks for pointing that out Daddy, now everytime I look at it I think that too. The power of suggestion!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Stranger Danger

Claire had her six months appointment today and was not happy about it. Our usual happy go lucky, smiley baby went nuts at the doctor. Well nuts is probably strong but she did not enjoy her visit like she has in the past. Her antics were probably a normal day for most but our babe is so chill and roll with it that we were taken aback. She cried on the scale and the sight of the really nice nurse. She wasn’t crazy about nice Dr. McClain (although she doesn’t seem to like bearded men these days). She of course cried during her shots – heartbreaking. But the whole ordeal was evidently exhausting for her (was for us) and she passed out for a while. Poor sweet little baby. But otherwise she is doing great. She is 18 pounds on the dot and 26 inches long. We will expand her foods more and she gets to start trying to drink out of a cup. It is amazing what all she has accomplished in six months. In the last six months I have pretty much had a baby (that was pretty big, literally), lost most of the baby weight, tried to catch up on sleep, and crashed my car (see the last post – I was just in the way of a 18 year old who stole a car, didn’t have insurance and decided he didn’t need to stop going 45 mph at the red light). I've kind of been a lump on a log compared to what Claire has done.

I would post a "6 month picture" of Claire but my SD card decided to be corrupt. This is the second disk this has happened to. ARGH!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And then there were TWO!

Teeth that is. Little Miss Claire Elaine is working on her second tooth. I can't say she is the happiest camper about it but it is busting through whether she (or mommy) is ready or not.

In other news, I am alright (for the most part) but my car is not. I was going home on an early lunch to watch the Inauguration of our new President. I wanted to be at home with my family to watch such great history take place. Well I was on my merry way when I crossed Rogers on 58th Street on a green light through the entire intersection when a kid/teenager/something ran the light and nailed me. Hit me on the front quarter panel and spun me and hit my back quarter panel all on the passenger side. Next thing I knew I was hoped up on the curb/sidewalk stunned and wondering what the heck just happened. So there you go. I had to watch our 44th President take his oath of office from the DVR recording in a weird state of mind. Humph. Like I said, I am alright but I seem to get more aches as the time goes on. I am getting old and being thrown around like a rag doll in my car hurt. FYI.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We have a Tooth!

Claire officially has a tooth! Lower left. And I have to say I feel pretty bad because I didn't realize she was working on getting one. I felt in her mouth a week or so ago and didn't feel any beginnings or swollen spots. Evidently I missed something because there it was last night like it had been there for a week or just an hour, who knows. It is just peaking out and I wonder if the fella next to it is about to bust through. But really she hasn't been all that fussy (knock on wood). Very vociferous the last week or so but I just thought that was part the next stage. But maybe she has been saying "Hey Ma, my mouth hurts, could you please get me a cold wash cloth to chew on?" Or maybe not.

My baby is growing up so fast!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I love my dog

A new year and some new resolutions. I am still trying to complete my list before I post them. In the meantime I have to profess my love for my dog. Why? Because my husband and I had a date Friday night and went to the movies and saw “Marley and Me.” It just made me love our dog that much more. She is just as special and loyal as Marley and much better behaved.:) So this post is devoted to Witch Hazel, the world’s best dog.