Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Beautiful Day!

As everyone that lives anywhere close to us knows, yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. Claire, Mommy and Hazel played outside while poor Daddy painted the Master Bedroom . . .


Claire is ready to go!


As usual, if we are outside, we have to water something . . .


Claire kept wanting me to throw the frisbee to Hazel. But Hazel was more interested in retrieving balls.


So when Hazel wouldn’t go after the frisbee Claire would say “Don’t worry, I get it Mommy” and she would take off and retrieve it.


Hazel started playing along but that didn’t stop Claire from saying everytime “Don’t worry, I get it Mommy” and going after it. Hazel usually got there first, she is a bit faster than Claire.


At one point we had been talking about the airplanes going overhead and the new bird feeder and how there weren’t any birds. Then birds were chirping in the distance and she said “I hear birds.” May not be impressive to some but this is big stuff for a someone only 2 1/2.


Sticks were a big theme of the day, as usual. When she could keep Hazel from taking them she used them for all sorts of interesting things.


The last thing we did before calling it a day was check out the greenhouse. All is well, sort of. But there are lots of pretty flowers!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Claire has Named Her Baby Brother

Claire and Mommy were watching Mommy’s stomach jump around last night as her brother was doing his evening calisthenics. Claire said something to the effect of “Baby in there.” And we talked about him a bit and Mommy asked what we should name him and without missing a beat Claire said “Clifford Bear Lucy.” I said “Clifford Bear Lucy?” and she said “yea, Clifford Bear.”

I told Mike about it and said we would have to take it into consideration, short consideration, but consideration. We both agreed that we were surprised that she didn’t try to name him Charlie Brown . . .

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Claire’s Snowman

Grandma & Pa came to watch Claire while Mommy ran to three grocery stores to get everything for the Herbal Adventures on Hearty Soup the next day. It was the day after the “big snow” so Pa went out and made her a snowman.


Playing with her snowman (it was too cold to go outside – and not a lot of snow left anyway).


Claire loved her snowman. Thank you Grandma & Pa.

Dueling Vacuums

As many of you know, Mommy is a very lucky lady. She has a really wonderful husband and he does the vacuuming to boot. :) AND he is teaching Claire all the tricks of the trade and she loves it!


Lining up to get ready.


Getting the runner in the entry.


Hazel wants to get in on the action but realizes it involves vacuums and scurried away as fast as she could. This is as close as she has been to a vacuum ever. She just wanted to play too . . .

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 53rd Anniversary

Grandma and Pa!


Aunt Becky came into town and we all (except Cousin Jacob – he had to work) went to Emmy’s for Sunday brunch to celebrate. It was a really fun time.

Claire’s New Love

It’s Charlie Brown or Brown as she usually calls him.


He certainly gets a lot of hugs


and kisses.

Charlie Brown was never so loved or happy.

Claire certainly loves her Sweet Baboo.

Playdate with Andrew

Andrew and his Mommy stopped by for a short playdate on the way home Friday night.


They played together really well together and had a lot of fun.


Andrew really liked Claire’s new dollhouse.

They had a lot of fun and we hope to it again very soon. Mommy just forgot to take more pictures!

Mommy’s Little Elves


Claire decided she liked her elf hat the day after Christmas. So did Hazel . . .


She wore it a lot, especially when we were working in the kitchen.


Pregnant Mommy and Claire made beer bread.


Claire tasted the batter and said “Mmmm, delicious.” Hope we aren’t in for any trouble in the future . . .

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Morning

Santa Came!


Daddy showing Claire how the tunnel works.


Thankfully he made it through. Probably the first and last time.


Claire looking below and above the tree.


Claire and her favorite present from Santa, a balloon.
Santa knows his stuff!


Giving the tunnel a try.


The balloon made it through too. Thank goodness!


Grammy and Gramps arrive for Christmas morning.
Grandma and Pa came over before Christmas Mass but we didn’t get a pic of them.


Claire shows Gramps how the tunnel works. I think Gramps has been through this tunnel before . . .


Taking a moment to visit Baby Jesus. He just arrived early this morning.


Daddy and his favorite beans. The only ones he thinks they should bother to make.


Claire trying out Mommy’s new slippers.


Daddy and his favorite present. (made by Claire)


Cousin Thor showing everyone how it is done while Claire beat on the side. Being six feet makes it a bit more difficult to make it through than when he was Claire’s size.


Thor and his new puppy, Rascal.


Proof Mommy was there.


Grammy taking care of Gramps.


Grammy and Gramps opening their stockings.


Claire got a slinky from Santa! She was very happy!

We had a really wonderful Christmas and hope everyone else did as well.

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year!

The Night Before Christmas


The stocking were all stuffed


by the chimney with care. (love the monsters!)


Everything all set under (and above) the tree.


A baby bed for Claire that was Mommy’s when she was little.


And the tunnel that Auntie Alison and Mommy used to play in when they were little.

Everything is ready for the morning to surprise our little girl. Thanks Santa!

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve at Grandma & Pa’s

In usual Hassler style we went to Grandma and Grandpa Hassler’s for Christmas Eve dinner and present exchange. AND Daddy had to switch shifts at work so he got to make an appearance too!


Daisy got a carrier.


Grandma like whatever she got.


Daddy showing off Claire’s baby brother’s first present.


In classic Claire form. She likes the box and packing more than the gift – for the moment only. She loves her new dollhouse.


A good pic of Uncle Keith and Aunt Cindy.


Not sure what this was all about. But hands on hips and mouth wide open – someone is getting the business.


Annual Family Picture.

Merry Christmas!