Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our First Weekend with Chester

Chester is Alec’s class monkey. And since Alec was the “Top Banana” this week Chester got to come home with him for the weekend. We (Mommy) then chronicled the misadventures of Alec and Chester over the weekend. Below is what we sent in.


clip_image004Chester came home with us on the right day. Friday is Pizza and a Movie night! We watched The Muppet Movie!


clip_image002On Saturday we went to the Farmers’ Market. And they gave away free Kettle Corn! Do you know how hard it is to keep a monkey away from free Kettle Corn? Let’s just say we had to buy some . . .


clip_image006That night we built a fort and tried to hide from the Trojans and their donkey. They didn’t have a horse. Which leads us to Chester’s next idea . . .

clip_image002[4]Chester thought it would be fun to ride Witch Hazel (our sweet puppy) bare backed. He said he was an old pro but riding Hazel was more like riding a bucking bronco. He held on for 25 seconds!

clip_image004[4]Chester said one of his favorite things we did all weekend was read stories every night. Chester loves a good story and we do too. We read about robots, trains, rainbows, and lots of other stuff and ended every night with a serenade of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”


On Sunday, while Mommy, Daddy and Claire went to Mass, they decided that two monkeys at Mass would be too much so we stayed at Grammy & Grampy’s. And guess what! They have a horse you can rock around on in the foyer saying “giddy up little horsey” and “Hi-Yo Silver, away!” It was great fun. This time the horse had a saddle.

clip_image002[6]Another fun thing at Grammy and Grampy’s are the pianos. They have one for big people and one just our size. We played and sang the morning away. A little more practice and we’ll be ready for private parties and other social occasions. We play for cookies, milk and bananas.



What a great weekend we had together. Now for a good night’s rest so we can be ready to go for school in the morning!


Thanks for a great weekend, Chester! Next time we promise we’ll have some banana ice cream!