Thursday, January 31, 2008

We've Created a Monster

Well I have to tell a funny story that is still making me chuckle.

A friend of mine (I guess after this story I should use the term loosely) left me a voicemail the other day. I should tell you she is a bit of a nutter - certifiable even.

So anyway, she left me a voice mail the other day and said -

"I saw something in the bathroom and I got all excited but was ultimately disappointed. But it was a sign that said 'We've created a monster!' and I thought it was an announcement for your baby shower. But I read more and it wasn't, someone was selling cookie dough or something. But I thought what a great idea for a theme for your baby shower. So I thought I would let you know."

So I went over to her desk to see if she had any other brilliant ideas and somehow or another she is now one of the hosts of my baby shower at work. Should be an interesting event. I'd try to get tickets if I were you.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hazel Pictures

Here are some pictures of Hazel that I thought would be a nice way to start the new blog off right.
Make sure you do a double take on the last picture. Hazel is a little freaked out by the idea. ;)

We are expecting our new arrival on August 9th.