Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Have a Tooth!

Alec has his first tooth. If you look really hard you can see it and if your hands are really clean you can feel it. Hopefully I’ll capture it on film soon. Alec is growing up so fast!

What Are You Doing

with that camera again, Mommy?


Trying to take a picture of the cute thing you were doing before you noticed me with the camera . . .

Hangin’ Out

Just a couple of pics of A & C hanging out recently.



Who’s Who?

Alec has been wearing one of the Halloween outfits Claire wore back in the day and I took a pic of A this morning in the pumpkin seat like I did of C three years ago.

Claire Pumpkin bucket email

Claire – October 2008


Alec – October 2011

I’m not sure where the pumpkin bib is . . .

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thumb Sucker

He isn’t very consistent like his Mommy was but you can certainly catch him at it. Such a cutie.



Rollover Alec Joseph

Alec has been rolling all over the place these days. It appears that he must of starting doing it with some consistency around the week of September 26th. Here’s some proof


He started doing it very consistently at night and sometimes gets upset. But now he is good at rolling back.


He loves to play with his toy mirror.


Saying Good Morning!


Let’s start the day!

Saturday Fun

A few Saturdays ago we had a lot of fun. Well we always have a lot of fun but sometimes we even remember to take pictures.


Claire spent the morning with Aiy Aiy and came home with kitty cat ears and a scary sucker!


Hanging out a little before nappy nu time. (so who does Claire look like in this pic?)


Just having fun hanging out. Love all of these peeps!

These Boots Were Made for Walkin’

Caught someone going through Mommy’s closet and trying on her boots a few weeks ago . . .


Caught her!


Doing a very good job of walking in heels.

Green Beans!

Way back on September 22, Alec got to start eating veggies. Although we may not have blogged about it at the time, we did at least take the pictures . . .


What? I get to try green beans?


This is messy and tasty stuff!


Ah, that was yummy and tiring. Glad to be done.

A Boy and His Alligator


Smiley Alec playing with his alligator


Tasting the Snout


Napping together