Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back in the Fort

It has been a while since the last post. My apologies! We were in New York City last week. I had to go for a conference for work and it was Mike's Spring Break so he got to came along too. We really had a good time.

We got there on Friday the 14th and took off walking around down to Times Square. Saturday we took a Gray Line tour of the downtown loop. It was on a double decker bus that was covered. We took the entire loop and the hopped off at Battery Park. We got to see the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero and all the stuff down around there. I didn't last very long on Saturday so we got back on the bus and took the rest of the loop and got off at Rockefeller Center. We walked around there and walked up on the live recording of 30 Rock and saw Tina Fey. If only we watched the show . . . but that was neat to be around there. Watch for us in the crowds, you never know. I don't know how they get anything done with so many people around. That night we got our food from the cart outside our hotel that Ashlee and I discovered the first time we went to NYC for the conference. There is always a line and it is really good. Sunday we went to St. Patrick's Cathedral for Palm Sunday Mass. It was very nice. That afternoon we spent with a brother of a coworker of mine who is a professor at a university there. We walked down 5th Avenue and then halfway through Central Park to the Boathouse for coffee (cocoa) and then to the West Side to an Indian Restaurant. He was a really great tour guide.

Need to stop now, more to come on the New York City trip.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Drum roll please . . .

It's a Girl!

So to answer your next question, no, we don't have a name yet and probably won't for a long while.

We were talking the other day discussing all of the recurring questions that we have encountered over the years of our relationship. When you start to date someone and have been doing so for a while people start asking "When are you going to get married?" Then you get married and think (naively) "no more questions!" Ha! We both agreed that we were pretty sure that at the wedding reception we were asked "When are you having a baby?" Ugh! A new question. And people aren't always crazy about your "We want to be married at _least_ two years before we start trying," you know, because we are both old. So now we are pregnant and everyone asked "What is it?" and the question I don't really understand "What do you want" (A baby? Like I'd say if I had a preference? Which I didn't.) So now we know it is now officially a she and we thought once again that we were done with the questions. Oh, not so fast. Here is the conversation - "It's a girl!" "What are you going to name her?" Ahhh!

So now we are trying to anticipate the future questions. Here are the few we have come up with -

"When are you due?"
"When are you going to give her a little brother or sister?"

I'm sure there are more, if you know them, please share the wealth so we can start to prepare . . .