Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baking is Tough Stuff

Claire and I were baking Gramps birthday cake today and I guess baking tires a girl out more than I thought. We'll have to bake right before naptime more often . . .

Too bad I have to wake her in ten minutes to go see Daddy at the hospital . . .

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slacker Part Deux

Ok, so I'm not getting any better at this posting more often. It is this whole moving thing. Who knew we had so much stuff? (keep your comments to yourself . . .) Anyway, it is quite the ordeal to pack up the Happy Hasslers to move across town. This may take a while.

Anyway, let's see if we can get some of life's other events posted.

Saturday was the Herbal Adventure for which I was in charge (volunteered before the whole Advanced Master Gardener class came up and we decided to move). But I wasn't going to let anyone down and we forged ahead and had our "Magical Herbs Herbal Adventure." It was quite a success even if I do say so myself. And if I read the apples right, Alison will be married within a year but that is a whole other story.

Anyway, so we all dressed-up for our parts. I gave a lecture on Love Potions and Romance and posed as the "Love Doctor, MD" ha ha get it? Meghan D . . . anyway, try to keep up. So I tried on my costume before I left and Mike thought it was great but the girls were not so sure. Hazel got all excited to see me like she does with new visitors until I spoke and then she just looked and got more excited and tried to jump up on me some. No sleuth there. And Claire just kept looking at me and giving me quizzical looks like "you kind of look like Mommy and you sound like Mommy but you have pink hair." And I took off the wig and she look relieved. But when she saw me again at the Cancer House she had forgotten and gave me the evil eye again. But who can blame her, there were a lot of people dressed-up.

So here is a pic of me in action - not the greatest pic ever but so you know why they both were so confused . . .

Aren't I purty? Most people had to pay $10 to see me like this. And I might add, I gave excellent love advice - "When in doubt, take a bath."

In other news . . .
Claire has also recently started smiling "on cue" for lack of a better term. If you say "Smile Claire" this is what you get . . .

And here is a shot when she was just being sweet.

So this and packing are what we have been up to this week. I can't decide if I should post a "Halloween Preview" of Claire's costume or not. I guess it is only two more days . . .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


yes, I know I am a slacker. I am barely making one post a week - and that is probably an average . . . it is all of this moving stuff. Can you say CAOS? Gak!

I have also been slacking on the photo taking. In part it is due to the fact that my batteries are beyond dead in the camera and we were out of batteries - until today! But here is a picture I took of Claire Sunday morning. This was the one shot I got the batteries to muster the strength for.

Isn't she cute in her denim and hand-me-down sweater from cousin Thor? And how about her hat from last Christmas . . . someone needs to get knitting - this girl needs a new hat! (and I tried to get a shot without the goodie but the camera refused - just imagine it without, she is smiling - see the dimples?)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

What a great day it was today in history. Grandpa Hassler and Uncle Lance were both born on this day.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Hassler
and Uncle (Godfather) Lance!

Annual Fall Festival

We went to the Neumeier's Fall Festival on Sunday afternoon. This is an annual event for us if we aren't away on an anniversary trip. I used to show my pottery at the event but lately time has gotten busy and I don't get to pot like I used to so I don't have enough to make a good showing. Hopefully that will change some day . . .

So now we have an annual tradition to take Claire and take a picture in the pumpkins.

This is Claire's picture from last year -

And this is from this year -

Almost makes me want to cry with how much she has changed in just a year . . .

Here is a picture with Cousin Thor -

We'll will definitely be back again next year. And maybe this time with a booth!

A Visit from Claire's Godmother

Cecilia came over for dinner last night and to tell us all about her many adventures from her recent trip to Germany. Oh, it was so much fun to have her over. We had a lot of fun and Claire really had a good time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Exciting Weekend

Well we had a fun weekend. Cousin Thor came to stay with us!

He came over to spend the weekend with us while Auntie Alison was at drill. We played a lot and chased a lot and tried to figure out how to keep Claire corralled. Whew! It was a busy time.

Here I think Thor is trying to keep Claire from jumping on Hazel while Hazel is trying to kiss Claire, and I think Claire is trying to reciprocate.

On Sunday, Claire was "Daddy's little Skeleton."

For those of you who wonder why we would dress her up to look like a boy (which there are girl skeleton's too - but we might need to add a bow somewhere) you must remember that -
Daddy is an X-RAY TECH!