Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Months and Happy 4th!

Alec turned two months old on July 4th and had his check-up the next day. He came in at 11 lbs. 13 oz. (53%) and 23 1/4 (63%) inches and his noggin was 16 1/2 inches (89%). He had a good check-up. Dr. I was so impressed with how alert he is and how well he held his head up. She thought he was so cute and got down on his level and giggled with how much he followed her and smiled. He had a good check-up but got shots. Enough said. Nobody involved likes ‘em.

In 4th of July news, we didn’t have the annual picnic because of the extreme heat. But we did get together with at Grammy and Gramps. And of course before we went over there we took a pic.


What We’ve Missed

Mommy has been a little busy lately so she has fallen behind on some of her blogging. Here are a few noteworthy things in the last several weeks.


Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!


Claire puts her shoes by Gramps by the side door when she changes into her slippers. This day she decided to put them in there . . .


Alec taking a snooze with Auntie Aiy Aiy.


Playing horsey with Cousin Thor.


Such a cute outfit. Thanks Auntie Aiy Aiy!


This is what I found in Claire’s oven the other day. I’m not sure how concerned I should be. At least we were all in there, well except for Hazel. Lucky Hazel.


Sibling love.


Sibling fun.


Taking a snooze in the his swing in Claire’s room.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Cindy, Becky, Daddy and Claire took Grandma to breakfast for her Birthday. They took pictures afterwards.