Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Questions I Wasn't Expecting

You know how I had previously posted about all of the questions that keep coming when we thought we were all through with them. A little recap for the latest ones and their answers -

What is her name going to be? We still don't know. If had to name her tomorrow I am afraid she would be Baby Deal Hassler.

When are you due? The date has bounced around a little bit but the doc is still saying August 9th for the most part.

What are the nursery colors? The room is yellow and I haven't picked out the bedding yet. Mom and I might make it, but not sure. It will be in the yellow and leaf green family with Classic Pooh accessories. Don't want Pooh all over the place!

Is that most of them?

The new questions that I wasn't expecting are -

Have you had any weird cravings?

Are you going to go back to work?

Answer #1 - Sorry to disappoint but not really. Mike and I talked about it and early on I really liked Macaroni & Cheese but we figure that was because it is bland and Orange Juice. Now, I don't really crave much of anything, not a big huge fan of food because it all tastes so strange. BUT I can always go for cheese dip. I'll let you know if I start going for pickles and ice cream.

Answer #2 - Unless we win the lottery I will be going back to work. Don't want to but who wants to? Necessary evil these days.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Baby - Week 25

I am going to try something and see if I can keep it up or if anyone is interested. I am going to begin reporting on the baby's growth progress. The baby is about 13 1/2 inches long and now weighs about a pound and a half - about the size of an average rutabaga. She is starting to get some baby fat and losing some of her wrinkles. Her hair is recognizable now too. On a womb note, she seems to be getting more active or bigger so I can feel more. there are definitely more active days than others. Mike got to feel her kick for the first time this week. We were very excited. I will try to post for week 26 next week. Keep tuned!

When it Rains, it Pours (and Hails)

Ah, what a last couple of weeks it has been. I've been to Mountain View, CA while FSM had a horrible softball size hail storm and we are now getting a new roof. The contents of the green room are still in the office (front room) and the green room is now primer white. Ugh! Furthermore, the garden/yard situation is dire and we have been to Baby's R Us and realized we really don't know what in the world we have gotten ourselves into. What is a pregnant woman to do? I think we are keeping a pretty good perspective on things, we just don't have enough hours in the day or hours to sleep. I think we would be not quite so frazzled if we only had one part of the house to concentrate on - redoing/rearranging the inside or getting the yard springtime/summer ready. We are plugging away at it but I would like to be moving a little faster. We are hoping to have the green room painted by the end of the week and the new shelves installed. Keep your fingers crossed!

Oh, and one other thing, we have decided Hazel has found her voice. That dog hasn't barked as much in her lifetime (indoors) as she has over the past week. Not sure what it is all about but it isn't really helping the frazzled nerves thing . . .

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Green Room is turning Beige

I took the day off Friday and Mike and I went out to breakfast and went to the Growing Kids Sale (we didn’t buy anything, I think you probably need to go earlier in the sale). We then went to Lowe’s to pick paint chips and look at things for the green room transformation. I am going hate to see the green to go away. I really love the color in that room. All the paint chips I picked were in the very light beige family. Ick! But it should be good for resale and we might as well paint the room once, right? When are we going to have time to do that again once the baby is here? So I have to pick the color but in the meantime we are trying to empty the room. There certainly is a lot of stuff in there. I am not sure how it all is going to go back in there plus the bed and some other stuff. Ack! So we might be having a really great garage sale one of these days . . .

Doctor Day

Thursday I went to the Dentist and the Baby Doctor. The dentist went well. Nothing much they can do since I am pregnant but clean my teeth. I don’t think she like that much. She kicked a few times as to say “What are they doing to you exactly? What is that vrumm vrumm.?” I think she is going to be inquisitive. Wonder where she gets that from? Then we went to the baby doctor and had my seventh ultrasound. Mike talked to the tech about ultra sound stuff and I just watched the screen. She is still doing well and is on track. She is in the 54% for her gestational age. She is one pound four ounces and her heart rate is strong. Doc said all is well.

Baby Likes Broadway . . .

The rest of the New York trip was not as exciting as the first part because I was in the conference everyday. The conference was good and informative, definitely worth the trip. Monday night we went out the dinner in Hell’s Kitchen at a Thai restaurant and decided to stay in the rest of the night because it was St. Patrick’s Day and the crazies were coming out early. Tuesday night we went the Phantom of the Opera and it was wonderful as always. At the beginning when it get really loud after the chandelier swings to the ceiling the baby just started kicking like say “What’s going on out there?” It was quite exciting. I thought I had been feeling her before then but for some reason this was so definite that I knew what it was. Very exciting! She did the same Wednesday night for Spamalot and Thursday for Young Frankenstein. We really enjoyed all of the shows and I think the baby did too!