Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Questions I Wasn't Expecting

You know how I had previously posted about all of the questions that keep coming when we thought we were all through with them. A little recap for the latest ones and their answers -

What is her name going to be? We still don't know. If had to name her tomorrow I am afraid she would be Baby Deal Hassler.

When are you due? The date has bounced around a little bit but the doc is still saying August 9th for the most part.

What are the nursery colors? The room is yellow and I haven't picked out the bedding yet. Mom and I might make it, but not sure. It will be in the yellow and leaf green family with Classic Pooh accessories. Don't want Pooh all over the place!

Is that most of them?

The new questions that I wasn't expecting are -

Have you had any weird cravings?

Are you going to go back to work?

Answer #1 - Sorry to disappoint but not really. Mike and I talked about it and early on I really liked Macaroni & Cheese but we figure that was because it is bland and Orange Juice. Now, I don't really crave much of anything, not a big huge fan of food because it all tastes so strange. BUT I can always go for cheese dip. I'll let you know if I start going for pickles and ice cream.

Answer #2 - Unless we win the lottery I will be going back to work. Don't want to but who wants to? Necessary evil these days.

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