Monday, June 23, 2008

The Baby - Week 33

This week the baby has finally broken the four pound mark – about the size of a pineapple. She has also passed the 17-inch mark which I beg to differ; I think she has to be longer than that for the places she seems to hit/kick at the same time. Her skeleton is hardening (and I am still drinking milk and eating other dairy like it is going out of style) but her skull bones won't fuse until after she is born (early adulthood so her brain and other tissue can grow) so she can more easily make it through the birth canal. Some of babies even come out like Coneheads because of the pressure of birth. Let's see, we have already established she will probably have a fairly big noggin so I am guessing I will have a Conehead baby for a few days. Maybe she will speak French ("We come from France")

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heavens to Mergatroid!

I ran across this article tonight and got a bit freaked out.

NC 'Big twins' tip scales at a combined 23 pounds

Evidently the lady birthed a combine weight of 23 pounds 1 ounce with her twins. And the girl was the 12+ pounder. Oh help me! I know I don't there is only one, but still WOW. For those of you who have seen me, you know this can’t be a small baby . . . lets just hope we don’t set any records.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Baby - Week 32

The baby now has hair, or peach fuzz, and fingernails and toenails! She weighs about the same as a jicama (3.75 pounds – doesn’t it seem like she has been in the 3 pound range for a while now?) and is about 16.7 inches long. Lucky for me I can expect to continue to gain weight – about a pound a week but half of that should be going to the baby. She is really porking up now, she is going to gain about half of our birth weight in the next seven weeks. Her skin is getting softer and smoother as she prepares for her big premiere.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Baby - Week 31

The wee one this week is 16 inches long and the equivalent in weight of four navel oranges (about 3.3 pounds). She will at least double in weight by the time she is born. She can turn her head side to side. She is continuing to plump up and her movement is increasing (Yes it is!). The doctor told me I would gain probably another ten-twelve pounds before she is born – Joy! I've already gained close to thirty! Otherwise all is well with the baby. I passed the three hour glucose test so I don't have gestational diabetes. Hurrah!