Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Playdate

at least for a long while.

Kate and Paige (and their Mommy Jill) came over for a playdate on Monday. The last one because they are moving to San Antonio. We are sad and will miss them a lot but will hopefully see them again soon.

IMG_4260 - Copy

Claire and Kate having a tea party.

IMG_4262 - Copy

Paige and her Mommy.

We hope you love San Antonio. We will miss you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Actually Three Cheese Baked Ziti.

IMG_4246She ate and ate and ate with a combination of her fork and fingers.


She made “mmmm mmmm” noises the whole time.

I made a video of it for Daddy. I might figure out how to post it on here sometime. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Many Hats Does One Girl Need

to wear at a time?

IMG_4244Well, she could only find two so I’m not sure we know the answer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Day in the Garden

Grammy came over Friday to supervise the planting of the new herb gardens at the house. Daddy and Mommy have been working on new beds at the end of the patio complete with sprinklers and everything. If only we can find more of the right stone . . . Anyway, Mommy and Claire planted the new plants and of course we took some pictures along the way.

IMG_4192Getting ready to get dirty!

IMG_4193She reminds me of some old retired lady in Florida – the glasses, the sandals, the hat and the look on her face. (and no, I’m not talking about Grammy in the background)

IMG_4188Too many supplies and not enough hands . . .

IMG_4196Inspecting Mommy’s work.

IMG_4199Dirt clods, gotta love ‘em.

IMG_4202I think this was the first time she filled her sandal with dirt. Nobody likes that feeling.

IMG_4208 Happy as a clam playing in the dirt.

IMG_4212See my pretty sandals?

IMG_4213 How dirty did Gramps get? And he didn’t even help! (he just picked-up Claire when we were done!)
For the record he was putting a light up out front, duh, you didn’t think he was just napping on the couch (for long), did you?

Summer Preview

Claire tried on her swimsuit the other day and didn’t want to take it off. Here is a preview.


Friday, April 16, 2010

The Journey Begins . . .

Claire pottied in her potty for the first time tonight. It happened after a tired and hungry bath that followed the day of hard playing in the dirt. Hopefully it isn’t an isolated incident! Way to go Claire!

Claire’s First Tractor Ride

Some of you may know about Mike’s beloved tractor from his childhood.

945He recently brought it home in hopes of bringing it back to its original glory. In the meantime, he and Claire and having fun driving around the yard.

IMG_4105Stop to pose for a picture first.

IMG_4104Let’s get going!

IMG_4102Ever heard of a tractor push?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saturday at the Learning Fields

As many of you know, Mommy and Daddy are Master Gardeners. On Saturday, Mommy and the Herb Committee she is on had an Herbal Adventure out at the Learning Fields at Fort Chaffee. Lots of people came including Daddy, Claire, Grammy, Auntie Alison and Godmother Cecilia. And Cecilia was smart and brought her camera!

DSCN0930Claire all decked out in her overalls, hat and sunglasses.

DSCN0931 Mommy and Claire sort of match.

DSCN0932 Claire contemplating.

DSCN0935Claire and Cecilia having some fun.

Easter Brunch

I forgot to post about Easter Brunch so here it is!

IMG_4073Claire got acquainted with her new awesome Ducky.

IMG_4079 We all posed for a pic.

IMG_4080 and of course can’t forget Uncle Gene, Thor and Auntie Alison.

IMG_4086 Claire having fun with Auntie and Itty Bitty Baby.

IMG_4090 Claire with her bunny ears, again.

IMG_4094 Hazel “on point” with a robin in the back yard.

IMG_4095Claire checking out Uncle Gene’s photo skills.

IMG_4099Claire after Easter dinner at Grammy & Gramps. She loves to sit on the stairs. Thor did too.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Else Did the Easter Bunny Bring?

Of course Easter wouldn’t be complete without an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny.

IMG_4044 Lots of fun goodies for Claire!

IMG_4047Claire isn’t so sure about the whirligig. Or maybe it is Daddy’s beard?

IMG_4045 But she sure likes the big one.
 IMG_4050Another Ducky!

IMG_4052 And of course books.

IMG_4067Hazel got a treat too – she got to eat the egg Claire ran over and the one Mommy stepped on while taking pics . . .

Happy Easter!

A Visit From the Easter Bunny

Since Claire has been such a good girl, the Easter Bunny visited her.

IMG_4002And brought her a really big ball!

IMG_4003She loves it!

IMG_4013And a shopping cart and a new Ducky!

IMG_4017 And then the Egg Hunting began.

IMG_4018 And she was off!

IMG_4019 The egg didn’t stand a chance . . .

IMG_4023Sasquatch (Cousin Thor) was spotted in the back 40 hunting eggs too.

IMG_4030 The shopping cart is handy in an egg hunt.

IMG_4056Everyone was out for the hunt – even Gramps!

IMG_4033 Uncle Gene and Grandpa helped out too.

IMG_4059Hey Grammy, you got any eggs?

IMG_4035  Where’s my shopping cart!

IMG_4039A successful hunt!

Happy Easter!