Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter Eggs on Saturday, of course, and Claire and Mommy got things ready before everyone came over later in the afternoon.

IMG_3940Claire deciding which pellet goes where.

IMG_3943Listening to the fizzing.

IMG_3941Watching the fizzing.

IMG_3947Adding the water to the dye makes a girl thirsty.

IMG_3949 One egg in every color (twelve total!) and off to take a nap.

IMG_3950Back from the nap and everyone is here. Taking out the eggs that soaked while she was asleep (for twenty minutes).

IMG_3953Checking out all the pretty eggs.

IMG_3954The dying crew.

IMG_3958Claire and the “Claire Egg.”

IMG_3965Someone said “Give her two eggs to hold for the picture . . .”

IMG_3962And you know what had to happen next . . .

Happy Easter!

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