Friday, September 30, 2011

I’m Ready for my Close-up

We took a pic of Claire like this way back when so I thought I should recreate it. Alec is bigger than Claire was and doesn’t fit as well into the bathtub as she did when I got the idea the first time. But it is cute just the same.


Alec at 4 1/2 months


Claire at 3 1/2 months

Pretty in Pink

Claire and Mommy were painting were painting their toenails the other day with “Sparkledy Do Das” or “Farkledy Do Das” if you are Claire. Hazel was very interested and was frankly asking to play so we did.


Showing her pretty nails


A closer look

I think Hazel learned her lesson and we learned (not surprising) that Hazel is hard on her pedicures . . . Next time we might just bling up her collar.

Daddy’s Little Blockhead

So Charlie Brown’s hat has been floating around the house since Claire wouldn’t let us put him away last Christmas. So the other day Mommy had the bright idea to see if it fit.


Well he certainly is our kid. The had it just a little too small but he sure looks cute in hats!


Claire was hanging out with Grandma and Pa a few weeks ago and they hunted treasure!


All ready to hunt treasure with her map!


The bucket marks the spot!


Getting ready to dig for treasure!


Such a good digger. But where is the treasure?


There it is! She brought home what was in her treasure box and fed her piggies.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Claire has recently taken a big step in playing outside. She can do the slide all by herself and isn’t scared!


When I ask her about the playground at school she says “I played on the swings and the bee. But not the slide because I was a little bit afraid.” We’ll work on that one when we can.

Neighbors Come to Play

Claire’s friend Maya from school and the neighborhood came by the play the other day. I think Claire wore out Maya but they had a lot of fun.


All ready to make cookies in our aprons!


Working hard!


Maya was very good at mixing up the cookies.


Claire got into the chocolate chips, much to Maya’s chagrin.


Finishing the day having tea and playing dominos.


And Alec pretty much slept through the whole thing . . .

Baby It’s Cold Outside

or at least cool . . .

So the months of 100 degree weather finally broke this past week so we had to dress accordingly for school.


Alec sported a hand knit hat a la Auntie Aiy Aiy and snuggly jammies.


Claire is fashionable in her white knee socks. (there was another really cute pic but it was blurry)

We love Fall!

Happy Birthday Grammy!

We all got together for Grammy’s birthday. It was a low key gathering with salad, yummy pizza and root beer and cream soda. Gramps made a cheesecake for dessert.


This was about the best picture I got because I was sitting on the same side of the table. We’ll have better pics when we get together for a homemade meal and my chocolate cake next week!

Alec is Four Months!

We went to the doctor on Grammy’s birthday for Alec’s four month checkup. He was a charmer, of course, and had the doctor giggling at his antics. He is 15.2 pounds (50%) and 26 3/4” long (95%). And of course his noggin was big at 17 3/8” (91%). He did most of his tricks – strong back, smiling, standing with light support, babbling, smiling, drooling, waving his arms with conviction, kicking his feet and smiling some more. He got his shots, thankful Pa went with Mommy because Daddy had to work. He got a little rash on both legs a couple of days later but it is working on going away. All in all, a good visit. Oh, and he gets to start vegetables!


This is the picture Cousin Thor took that night at Grammy’s birthday party. Cool kid.