Monday, February 20, 2012

Play Ball!

IMG_1887Claire is all ready to play baseball with her glove, ball and baseball cap from Grandma and Pa.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2012!


Claire had a Valentine’s party at school. Mommy can Claire made the cupcakes for the party. Everyone loved them because they were delicious!


Claire and her friend Lucas.


Claire’s Valentine’s Surprises waiting for her at home. Mommy mad her a Peppa Pig house.


Claire taking in her Peppa Piggy house.


The Valentine boys.


Alec and his Valentines.

We had a lot of fun on Valentine’s. Grandma and Pa came over and so did Grammy and Grampy. And Mommy and Daddy got to go out to dinner with their friend’s Jim and Sheri at the Beland Manor. It was a very fun Valentine’s day!

Snow Day!

We actually got snow on Monday, February 13th. And they didn’t close school so we played hooky because the snow was going to be gone by the end of the day.


Already to play . . . wait someone can’t wait to finish the picture!


Making a snowman. (We forgot to take a picture of them – we made two)


Claire’s making a snow angel!


Mommy did too. Mommy didn’t get to play in the snow last year so she couldn’t wait!


Mommy’s snow angel with a Claire footprint circle around it.


Claire Bear in the snow.


Making handprints.


Claire kept running around throwing snow in the air and say “Snow!”


For some reason this took some coaxing.


But it was a lot of fun to push all the snow!

We had a really fun snow day. We felt kind of sad for all of the kids at school that didn’t get to play in the best of the snow in the morning. Lucky Claire is young and can skip school and Mommy and Daddy were both home!

Happy Snow Day!

Valentine’s from Memphis

We got a fun surprise from the FedEx fairy the other day – A Box from Uncle Lance & Aunt Beth! they are such wonderful friends and such a good Aunt & Uncle.


Excited Claire!


Excited Alec!


Claire and her new favorite glasses.


Alec loves his Valentines!


Claire wants her bucket to fit but it just doesn’t quite . . .


And Hazel lover her new Wiener.

Thank you Auntie Lance & Uncle Beth!

Happy Valentine’s!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Many Hairstyles of Alec Joseph

Mommy was playing with Alec’s hair the other night when she was washing the stars out of his hair after dinner.


The comb over. (It looked a lot more old mannish in person, this picture just looks like he is going to church).





He was so cute and seemed to enjoy the fun. We’ll have to come up with some new ideas.

First Super Bowl

Alec watched some of his first Super Bowl with Daddy the other night.


Go Football!

New Boots!

Claire has been wanting boots for a while now to “jump in muddy puddles” a la Peppa Pig and we have all been looking for them for a while. So Grandma and Pa found some snow boots for her and it has been hard to get them off her feet since.


Claire with her boots.


Practicing jumping in her boots. Notice Alec has figured out how to get his socks off? One foot socked, one foot nakie.

Now lets just hope it snows soon . . .

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Princess Birthday Tea Party

Claire went to a Princess Birthday Tea Party for her friend from school, Hailey. She was to dress in her best princess dress.


All ready for the party!


Pin the Princess in the window.


PiƱata anyone? Can you tell Claire has never been around raining candy? She did hit it pretty well.


Starting to get the idea.


Happy girl. She was the only one who wore her crown the whole time after they made them. She kept asking when they were going to have tea (play tea party) and was a little disappointed when they didn’t. Maybe next time.


Happy Birthday Hailey!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh the things they can do . . .

I haven’t been very good about reporting milestones lately so here is a round up of recent events.


Alec can get himself into a sitting position. (1/7/12)


And Claire wanted in the picture too.


And two days later he figured out how to pull-up.


And Claire wanted to be in the picture too.

And over the month of January Alec got another four teeth. Plays put your head to one side, claps, clicks his tongue, raspberries, and jabbers with the best of them.  January was a big month.

Claire is doing well in school. She has a good handle on her colors, shapes and sings songs and is very interested in reading. She can say her alphabet and numbers and is just starting to identify them. And of course she is always saying things that make us giggle. I am going to compile a list an post it later because of course I can only remember two now that I am trying to write it down.

Happy New Year!

On New Year morning the Hassler side of the family got together for breakfast. After breakfast Aunt Becky got someone out of the restaurant to come and take our picture.

DSCN1347 (2)

New Year’s night we had a big family dinner . We had great fun and opened party crackers at the end of the meal to took pictures! Everyone kind of looked like Jughead . . .


Jughead Alec, Jughead Daddy, and Jughead Clarie


Jughead Grampy (he _is_ doing that on purpose), Jughead Aiy Aiy, and Jughead Grammy


Jughead Becky, Jughead Grandma and Jughead Pa


Jughead Claire and Mommy

New Year’s Eve

Aunt Cecilia and Catherine came over for dinner on New Year’s Eve. We had breakfast for dinner and read the wonderful books they gave them.


Looking through the books.


Aunt Cecilia and Alec!


Alec took his first bath in his big duck and loved it. He just splashed and splashed. Thanks Santa!