Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Will Not Eat Them

Here or there, I will not eat them ANYWHERE!


Yes, Mommy’s grand idea this morning was to make green eggs for St. Paddy’s Day. (Mommy forgot to take the ham out of the freezer in time . . .)


Claire was none too excited about them.


She did finally taste them – maybe she has been paying attention for all of those times we have read the book to her.


Hazel didn’t care what color they were.


After breakfast Claire sat and read the book to Mommy.


She may not be crazy about the eggs, but she loves the book and seems to have gotten the moral of the story.

And the moral from this experience from Mommy and Daddy – remember that if you makes green eggs for breakfast, you have to eat them too. They taste just the same but your eyes don’t think they are going to . . . close your eyes while you eat. :)

Luck of the Irish to ya!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Claire and the St. Patrick’s day donut that Daddy got her few days early (from last Saturday). She can say Happy St. Patrick’s Day but insists that it is Happy Valentine’s Day. Wonder what she is going to call Eater.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We have had some pretty nice days lately (well not yesterday) and we have been having some fun outside.


Daddy helping Claire ride her bike.
(please note Claire insisted on the hat, mittens & backpack to go outside)


Hazel in her summer condo.


Putting out her new pinwheels.


Claire about to “take a rest.”


The house with all the pretty spring flowers. And Claire and Auntie A waving on the front porch.


Claire with the Leprechaun and she just said
“Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Winter Texans Visit!

Uncle John and Aunt Pat came through town on their way back to northern Illinois from their annual two month stay in southern Texas. We had a a family dinner while they were here - Manicotti – Mommy’s favorite, salad, and the yummy chocolate cake Mommy made a few months back and has to make every time she is invited anywhere now . . . Guess I should post the recipe sometime so it’s in Claire’s baby book . . .


The Queen of Mardi Gras holding court.


Sometimes it is hard to be Queen.


Claire and Gramps.


Nice pic of Grammy & Gramps.


Uncle John & Claire Elaine.


Aunt Pat & Claire.


Uncle John & Claire having some fun.

We had a really nice visit with Uncle John & Aunt Pat, especially once Claire warmed-up to them. Typical Claire, took a little while then they were all best of buds. We hope they come back soon to meet Claire’s Baby Brother!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day in the Sun

We have been spending a lot of time outside on the pretty days. Mommy took a few pics one day, of course.


Going for a walk with her walking stick, mittens, hat and “packpack.”


Claire taking a spin on her little Big Wheel that used to be Cousin Blake’s. Thanks Cousin Blake!


Some of the pansies Claire picked on her daily flower picking spree. We started to give them to baby brother.


Hauling her log, again.


Checking out the birdhouse.


Claire and Hazel playing on the patio. Hazel loves wheels.


This picture looks funny because it looks like Hazel has Claire’s leg in her mouth but in fact has a ball the same color as Claire’s pants in her mouth. Zoom to take a look if you don’t believe me.

Hopefully there will be many more of the beautiful days to come!