Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Winter Texans Visit!

Uncle John and Aunt Pat came through town on their way back to northern Illinois from their annual two month stay in southern Texas. We had a a family dinner while they were here - Manicotti – Mommy’s favorite, salad, and the yummy chocolate cake Mommy made a few months back and has to make every time she is invited anywhere now . . . Guess I should post the recipe sometime so it’s in Claire’s baby book . . .


The Queen of Mardi Gras holding court.


Sometimes it is hard to be Queen.


Claire and Gramps.


Nice pic of Grammy & Gramps.


Uncle John & Claire Elaine.


Aunt Pat & Claire.


Uncle John & Claire having some fun.

We had a really nice visit with Uncle John & Aunt Pat, especially once Claire warmed-up to them. Typical Claire, took a little while then they were all best of buds. We hope they come back soon to meet Claire’s Baby Brother!

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