Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good Morning

This is what came and woke us up the other morning. Somebody was busy getting dressed.

2012-06-18 08.40.06

2012-06-18 08.40.23

Good Morning, the sun must be shining!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alec’s First Haircut

Mommy got a haircut today. Daddy got one yesterday. Claire got one a couple of weeks ago and so did Hazel. So we decided that it was Alec’s turn. (just take a look at any of the pictures lately and you know he was in need!)

2012-06-19 08.30.52

The morning before the haircut. I took pictures to show my hairdresser, Michael, to give me some pointers.

2012-06-19 08.31.39

side view

2012-06-19 08.31.59

back view

2012-06-19 08.32.26

Claire playing horsey on the highchair.


We tested out the shaver on him before we started. He kind of liked it so we just went ahead and did it!


Being such a good boy.


And we are all done!

Doesn’t he look so different and like a big boy?

Another First

2012-06-19 16.16.10

They both sat in the grocery cart up front. They had a great time together.

Super Woman’s Flowers


Her garden is growing very well.

Happy Father’s Day!

We had a fun Father’s Day, especially since Daddy was home! We had the other Dads over for dinner to celebrate the great day (along with Grammy, Grandma and Aiy ai)


Some snuggle time with Daddy after his nappy nu.


A kiss for Daddy.


And somehow we didn’t take a pic of Claire and Daddy but I did take a pic of her hair. She let me curl it special for the dinner.


And somebody else became a Daddy on Father’s Day. The dove nest in the front porch had a couple of new tenants. We showed them to Claire and she introduced herself.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Claire’s Photo Montage Number One

I found a couple of series of self portraits Claire did with her camera. Here is one from back in March.


Picnic at the Learning Fields

We had a Herbal Adventure Committee Picnic at the Learning Fields. Claire, Alec and Daddy came with Mommy too. It was a fun day. It rained in the morning so it was pleasant until the sun came out at the very end. 2012-06-15 10.40.03

Claire and Daddy are headed over to the Children’s Garden to see the new playhouse.

2012-06-15 10.41.47

Going in the front door.

2012-06-15 12.28.27

She loved the door.

2012-06-15 12.30.10

Getting after it. We decided it needs a tea set.

2012-06-15 12.29.21

Alec enjoying his stroll in his stroller. When he gets a little more sure footed and stops crawling, he can play in the playhouse too!

2012-06-15 12.27.12

Posing in the gazebo.

2012-06-15 13.00.50

We picked some of the peppers while we were there. We as Master Gardeners declared it unhealthy for the plants if we didn’t take some of its fruit off. Everyone got a few and Claire walked up to Miss Jan and declared “This is the biggest green pepper I’ve ever seen.” We all agreed (it was quite huge) and we decided we needed a pic of Claire on the front porch with her green pepper bounty.

Pajama Party at the Library

We went to a sing-a-long at the library the other day with guest singer Nancy Stewart. She is from Seattle and sings at libraries. It was a lot of fun. Claire wouldn’t leave my lap but immediately volunteered when she asked for assistants. I was surprised!

2012-06-14 10.36.46

Claire got the letter “e” and she knew it when Miss Nancy asked! It was even lower case!

2012-06-14 10.38.39

She followed directions very well.

2012-06-14 10.39.22

And she had the Polar Bear.

2012-06-14 10.39.51

Alec enjoyed the concert fun too!


I told Claire to go get a hat so we could plant the plants. And this is the one she chose. Very effective!


Pictures by Claire

Claire got a camera for Christmas and we finally figured out how to get them off and onto the computer. A common theme lately, and here is a sampling.