Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where has all the time gone?

Claire is now seventeen weeks old and I don't know where all of the time has gone. I am about at the point where I don't remember life without her (except when I realize I really miss doing nothing – alone) but I don't know where all the time has gone. Thanksgiving is Thursday and I keep thinking it is September. I have tried for three days to order something on the internet and finally succeed last night only because of internet cookies remembering what I put in my shopping cart from shopping cart contents from the nights I tried before. I don't know how in the world I am ever going to shop for Christmas. I thought the internet was going to be my saving grace but please see a few sentences back. So my apologies ahead of time if everyone gets cash. And I still haven't gotten a picture of my daughter in her Halloween costume. One of these days it isn't going to fit! And I still need to knit her Christmas stocking . . . kaplewie . . . I think my head just exploded.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stories from the pump

So I went "upstairs" at work (the lactation room) and was about to assume the position when I realized I hadn't cleaned my parts from the morning run. So I quickly gathered my things and hustled down to the 5th floor restroom and proceeded to clean them. I have a bag that nukes them once I have them rinsed which sanitizes them. So I came out of the bathroom and went directly to the microwave and had to kind of go around a woman that wasn't really paying attention or using the microwave, just blocking it and start nuking them. She immediately looks at me and says "What's that." I'm thinking "lady, you really don't want to know and you are just going to get embarrassed." So I say softly and quickly "breast pump parts." And she looks at me like she didn't understand/hear me and says "what?" and I repeat a little more loudly "Breast pump parts." And she gave me a funny look of confusion and says "What!?!?!" And I say "BREAST PUMP PARTS" and the next thing I knew I was making milking motions and sounds. And she says "Oh, I didn't know what you were saying, I thought it was one of those new bag meals like I've seen on TV." ugh.

Why would you ask someone who just came out of the bathroom with a bag and put it directly into the microwave what it was? Who wants to know that badly? If anything I would probably just never use the microwave again.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things I’ve learned in the past fifteen weeks . . .

1. If the baby has gone to sleep, don’t wait up thinking she is going to wake up at any time because that is the night that she is going to sleep through the night starting at 8:45. (and this is quite possibly the night that the dog throws-up at two o’clock in the morning)

2. There is a difference in diapers.

3. Shout! gets out more stains than you would think.

4. You have more interest in another person's constitution than you ever thought possible. AND you sometimes call your spouse to come look for a second opinion or just to witness whatever it is that you just discovered in the diaper. (Don't let Mike tell you any different, we have both coming running) This also gives more credence to number two above. (no pun intended)

5. Your child will wear the same outfit three times in one week simply because the unfolded laundry is handier than walking five feet to the closet of perfectly good and new clothes.

6. You will run the dishwasher and the washing machine/dryer more than you have your entire married life.

7. That you will probably never complete most any task that you once did in one sitting like say a top ten list . . .

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If I'm the Queen of Halloween, shouldn't that make Claire the Princess?

Well, our Halloween wasn't all that I imagined and hoped for. Much to my horror, my child did not like her costume. She had a hissy fit when we put the head part on her. Isn't this her birth right? To love Halloween? To relish in the magic and mischief of the night (season). She did like our decorations in the house and loved wearing her Halloweenie themed outfits but she wouldn't have it with the costume. Sooo, much to my chagrin, we do not have a cute picture of Claire the Hippopotamus. Yes, I got a Hippopotamus for Halloween, sort of. So call me a mean mommy if you will, we are going to keep trying on the costume until I get my picture! This is my daughter's first Halloween and I am getting a picture worth framing! Hazel on the other hand has been a very good sport about her costume.