Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stories from the pump

So I went "upstairs" at work (the lactation room) and was about to assume the position when I realized I hadn't cleaned my parts from the morning run. So I quickly gathered my things and hustled down to the 5th floor restroom and proceeded to clean them. I have a bag that nukes them once I have them rinsed which sanitizes them. So I came out of the bathroom and went directly to the microwave and had to kind of go around a woman that wasn't really paying attention or using the microwave, just blocking it and start nuking them. She immediately looks at me and says "What's that." I'm thinking "lady, you really don't want to know and you are just going to get embarrassed." So I say softly and quickly "breast pump parts." And she looks at me like she didn't understand/hear me and says "what?" and I repeat a little more loudly "Breast pump parts." And she gave me a funny look of confusion and says "What!?!?!" And I say "BREAST PUMP PARTS" and the next thing I knew I was making milking motions and sounds. And she says "Oh, I didn't know what you were saying, I thought it was one of those new bag meals like I've seen on TV." ugh.

Why would you ask someone who just came out of the bathroom with a bag and put it directly into the microwave what it was? Who wants to know that badly? If anything I would probably just never use the microwave again.

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Ryan said...

LOL! I love the mental image of you standing in front of a microwave and making milking motions to some confused business lady!