Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If I'm the Queen of Halloween, shouldn't that make Claire the Princess?

Well, our Halloween wasn't all that I imagined and hoped for. Much to my horror, my child did not like her costume. She had a hissy fit when we put the head part on her. Isn't this her birth right? To love Halloween? To relish in the magic and mischief of the night (season). She did like our decorations in the house and loved wearing her Halloweenie themed outfits but she wouldn't have it with the costume. Sooo, much to my chagrin, we do not have a cute picture of Claire the Hippopotamus. Yes, I got a Hippopotamus for Halloween, sort of. So call me a mean mommy if you will, we are going to keep trying on the costume until I get my picture! This is my daughter's first Halloween and I am getting a picture worth framing! Hazel on the other hand has been a very good sport about her costume.

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Ashlee said...

A hippo - too cute! I've been wondering all month what you would dress Claire up as for Halloween, since I knew it would be a monumental occasion for you. Sorry she doesn't share your love for the holiday (yet), I'm sure she'll grow to love it more and more with each hippo fitting you have planned. :) Love Hazel's outfit, too! What were you this year?!?