Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Weekend

We had a good weekend. Mike was home the whole weekend and I think Hazel was happy to have us home. Hazel went to the vet Saturday morning for her itching. For those of you who don’t know, she has been scratching for far too long for not having fleas. So we finally decided it was time for the shot they told us to get if it didn’t get better. So she got her shot and some antibiotics and new pills for fleas instead of the Frontline stuff. She hasn’t been scratching nearly as much so hopefully this will work well for her.

Claire was a sweetie all weekend but I think this new schedule that we are trying to put her on is beginning to get to her. Hopefully she will adjust soon. I looked at her yesterday afternoon and it looked like she has dark shadows under her eyes.  I know she probably isn’t getting enough sleep but it isn’t from lack of trying on our part! We love her so much.

Mike and I got a few things done while Claire was sleeping on Saturday so that was nice. We are getting rid of the recliner in the living room that Mike’s folks lent us use while I was pregnant. That has loosened some of the furniture situation up a bit (thank goodness). Maybe we’ll be able to have a Christmas tree! Woohoo!

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