Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Clear

The Pox are over! I repeat the Pox have left the building. No longer necessary to avoid the residence or child. The quarantine has been lifted.

So there you have it. We have survived our first major illness however mild a case they were. Chicken Pox - check!

To recap -
- There were somewhere between 14 and 18 pox.
- She did not scratch.
- She ran a slight temp but not enough to even qualify as a fever.
- She did not seem very phased by them but was a little out of sorts a couple of days but still a great baby by baby standards.
- No one else was infected (yet).
- This is probably not the last time she will have the pox.

So Claire is now available for visits and playdates. Please call or email to schedule.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pox Pox Pox

I believe the cartoon says it all.

Claire has the chicken pox!

How, you might ask, could this sweet darling who is cared for only by healthy adults and had not come into contact with infected children contract such a disease? Because she got the vaccine for it! Along with another that gave her a big rash on her face last week. This round of shots was not our favorite AND at the time I thought they sounded the least scary . . . HA!

So I called the doctor today and said "I think Claire has the chicken pox and has a low grade fever."
"Probably so" said the nurse.
"Ok, anything I can do?"
"Tylenol for the fever and Benadryl for the itching."
"Should I be concerned?"
"Not unless the fever gets higher."
"What about next time she has these shots in four or five years?"
"Could be a lot worse or could have enough immunity to not get them again. Only half that get them get them again but next time it will be a worse case."
"Did I mention I have had the chicken pox five times?"
"Huh. We might want to watch for it closely then next time she gets the shots."
"Would you please put a note in her chart?"
"Sure. Good Luck."
"Going to need it."

So she seems to be doing alright. she wasn't totally herself today but not too off. She ran a low temp that Tylenol took care of tonight. I bought Benadryl (just in case) but didn't give her any yet because a) doesn't seem to be itchy or at least not scratching, b) label on box said could cause drowsiness (plus) or excitability in children (big minus - might try it out during the day tomorrow but not right before bedtime! No siree Bob!)

So wish us luck. Claire hasn't really been sick yet. She had the poops twice but she didn't even seem to notice. Fingers crossed she gets over the pox quickly!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pick a Color . . .

any color . . . . Most kids probably wouldn't give it as much serious thought as Claire, it is for her bathroom after all - maybe Interior Design is in her future?

I didn't leave her unattended, I left her playing at her table with Noah, his Ark and several animals. I sneaked away to do something very quickly and came back to this . . .

She checked out each one and smelling looks to have been part of the process as well , , ,

And she finally decided on a paint color . . .

Friday, August 14, 2009

Food Wars - the Battle over Ham and Oatmeal

Everything looks fun and calm from a distance . . .

but becomes clearer upon closer inspection . . .

The crazy thing is that she liked the ham that she had for the first time this meal and loves her oatmeal but I think this battle had something more to do with independence - which in the end they all really do - she really wanted to feed herself.
Stay tuned, I'm sure the saga will continue.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


It seems Claire has discovered windows. She is really interested in looking outside now. These hot summer days we have been trapped inside more than we like. Not a lot of outdoor activities going on these days. Regardless, Claire is still taking note of the goings on on the other side of the glass.

We thought it was so cute, this new found interest in these portals to the outside world, until this happened last night after her bath . . .

Still cute but we weren't bargaining for a neighborhood show . . . luckily there is nothing outside her window except a windowless wall of our neighbor's house. Not sure what was so interesting but something certainly was to a one-year-old!

**There was much debate on whether there should be another naked bottom on the blog but the grandmas said it was okay and cute so here she is in all her glory. Probably the last one unless it is _really_ cute.**

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love the Baby

Claire's new favorite game is "Love the Baby."

Here is Aunt Becky loving the baby . . .

And now Claire loves the baby . . .

Love Our Baby

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Claire's Family Party

Almost everyone came for Claire's birthday party. Both sets of Grandparents, Uncle Gene, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Keith, Cousin Blake, Aunt Becky, Aunt Alison, Cousin Thor, Godfather Uncle Lance, Aunt Beth, Mommy and Daddy. Aunt Ginger and Cousin BJ came early but couldn't stay but don't worry, we still have pictures!

Claire started out helping unwrap presents . . .

I think the consensus is that the baby doll is her favorite. Everyone will get to play "Love the baby" "Peek-a-boo Baby" and "Kiss the Baby" I'm sure . . .

The traffic cones for her Cozy Coupe came in a close second . . .

After a while she climbed into grandpa's lap with her beloved blue cup and watched Mommy and Daddy open the rest of her presents.

Birthday cake time . . . again . . .

It looks like she might blow out the candle . . .

And maybe not.

Once again, the cake is not a hit . . . :)

Ahhhh a bottle (she must really not like cake . . .) (Proof Cousin Blake plays with dolls, for future babysitting reference)

The cupcake cake for our little cupcake and her party. (Made by Mom, Sprinkles by Uncle Lance, Referee - Aunt Beth) :)

Everyone had to have their picture taken with the birthday girl before they could leave . . .

Aunt Ginger and Cousin BJ

Godfather Uncle Lance and Aunt Beth

Uncle Keith, Cousin Blake and Aunt Cindy

Aunt Becky

Aunt Alison and Cousin Thor

Great Uncle Gene

Grandma and Grandpa Deal

Grandma and Grandpa Hassler

Mommy, Daddy and Witch Hazel
(yes, this was the best picture, ugh)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Claire's Kiddie Party

Claire's birthday party with her little buddies was a great success and so much fun. The kiddies had a good time, the moms and even Uncle Lance and Aunt Beth. What a fun time.

The table that was seen by the grown-ups upon arrival but never to be seen again because the party was on the living room floor.

The living room floor.

Fun and games

More fun and games

Lance and Beth getting a little baby overload

And now our futile efforts to get the perfect party pic in their cute hats . . .

And back to just plain fun . . .

and food

And mind had the worst table manners (see the mess around her seat?) . . . the boys were quite the little gentlemen.

Claire really liked the potty book complete with sounds from Eric. He said it's a good read.

Claire loves her some fresh paper . . .

And the fun shape sorter from Andrew was a hit.

And all the bath fun from Lance and Beth

And the lion was the tastiest . . .

Happy Birthday with the Grandparents

Claire had many visitors on her birthday from her grandparents and great uncle.

Claire with Grandma Jude

With Grandpa Jerry

With Uncle Gene and Grandpa Jerry

With Grandma and Grandpa Deal

Grandpa and Daddy putting her car together.

Claire helping Grandpa and Daddy put the car together.

Claire taking the new car out for a spin with Grandpa Deal.