Friday, August 27, 2010

Young Padawan

We all went to Nathan’s 6th birthday party last Saturday. It was Star Wars inspired complete with Jedi training. And of course Claire was all about whacking things with her lightsaber.

IMG_0065Getting important Jedi training instructions from Jedi trainer Jim.

IMG_0070 Posing with her red lightsaber – the lightsaber color of Mommy’s favorite bad guy - Darth Vader.

IMG_0071 Eric (Yoda) working on his skills.


Claire giving a menacing battle look in her escape pod.

Claire graduated and completed her Jedi training.

The Force is Strong with This One.

Oh, and we had fun at the birthday party too. Happy Birthday Nathan!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visitors from the East

Auntie Lance and Uncle Beth came to visit Claire for her Birthday.

It had been a year since their last visit and they were surprised by what can happen in a year . . .

IMG_5072Claire & Aunt Beth read stories in her room

IMG_5074Uncle Lance watching Little Bear with Claire

IMG_5073Uncle Lance & Aunt Beth getting roped into the required dining attire.

IMG_5086Claire kissing Uncle Lance after opening her new puppy friend Violet

IMG_5092 A group photo

IMG_5102 Auntie Lance & Uncle Beth giving in . . .

IMG_5105And of course a pick with Hazel. She is of course the one they really came to visit . . .

Come back soon Lance and Beth. We miss you and had a really fun time. We’ll go back to Braum’s!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Claire’s Birthday Part 6

Cousin Blake and Aunt Cindy came by to wish Claire a Happy Birthday.

IMG_5032She got her own guitar and keyboard from Aunt Cindy and Uncle Keith.

IMG_5040And a doctor’s kit and Steiff hedgehog (he got in Germany) from Blake.

IMG_5045 Blake and Claire jammin’ out.

IMG_5054Dr. Claire checking out Aunt Cindy. Must be telling her to say “Ahhhh.”

Happy Birthday Claire Elaine!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Claire’s Birthday Part 5

Auntie Cecilia (Claire’s Godmother) brought her a very special birthday present. A personalized stool she painted especially for Claire. Claire just loves it.

IMG_5010 Claire on the stool.

IMG_5014Claire and Auntie Cecilia.

Happy Birthday Claire Elaine!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not the Best Pic

but we’ve decided that Mommy should get out from behind the camera once in a while so Claire might remember what Mommy looked like when she was young(er). So Daddy took this on Mommy’s Happy Birthday.


Maybe we’ll have better luck next year . . .

Aunt Becky!

Aunt Becky came for a visit the week of our birthdays. It was for other reasons but was nice that she was here! And boy did Claire and Aunt Becky have fun!

IMG_4814 They danced

IMG_4815 and danced some more

IMG_4816 and read books

IMG_4820 and just had a good time

IMG_4822 and Claire’s Silly Grandma had fun too.

IMG_4835Thanks for coming to see us Aunt Becky!
We had a lot of fun!

Two Year Check-up

Claire had her two year check-up last Friday. She is doing really well and maybe had a little growth spurt! She is 29 lbs. 12 oz. and 34 inches tall. Her weight is in the 80% and height 70%. She was in the 50% for both at 18 months and pretty much before then. The doctor said that as long as the percents are inline together it is okay if she jumps to a new curve, just not one without the other. And her head is 19 3/4 inches. She said that is the last time they will do that and they will do blood pressure from now on at three years etc. and they try it on two year olds if they will cooperate. So I said to go ahead and try Claire and she did just fine. She kind of looked at it when the cuff started to get tight but that was about it. Her blood pressure was 91/51. We had a great check-up with Dr. I. We like her a lot!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gramps Rocks

We all went to Lowe’s yesterday to buy a few things for the house. And Gramps came along to give his sage advice as well as his handy dandy military discount. While we were there Claire wanted to trade hats. And so they did, and wore them throughout the entire store. And they wonder where Mommy gets it?


Claire’s Birthday Part 4

Claire had some of her buddies over on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. They had a lot of fun playing and eating cupcakes.


IMG_4980Caroline & her Mommy

IMG_4978Andrew & his Mommy

IMG_4972Baby Carolina, her Mommy & Grandma

IMG_4967aClaire opening her awesome presents.

IMG_4960The Bear and sprinkle cupcakes.

IMG_4988 Enjoying the cupcakes.

IMG_4998Claire playing with Baby Caroline.

IMG_5007We had such a good time playing with friends it was a great way to round out her birthday weekend.

Happy Birthday Claire Elaine!