Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visitors from the East

Auntie Lance and Uncle Beth came to visit Claire for her Birthday.

It had been a year since their last visit and they were surprised by what can happen in a year . . .

IMG_5072Claire & Aunt Beth read stories in her room

IMG_5074Uncle Lance watching Little Bear with Claire

IMG_5073Uncle Lance & Aunt Beth getting roped into the required dining attire.

IMG_5086Claire kissing Uncle Lance after opening her new puppy friend Violet

IMG_5092 A group photo

IMG_5102 Auntie Lance & Uncle Beth giving in . . .

IMG_5105And of course a pick with Hazel. She is of course the one they really came to visit . . .

Come back soon Lance and Beth. We miss you and had a really fun time. We’ll go back to Braum’s!

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