Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Program

Claire had her first Christmas Program at school. Here are a few pics. I took video of it And I’ll figure out how to post that later.


Claire up front with her class singing her two songs.


Claire in the procession taking baby items to Baby Jesus.


Claire after the program. She had a really fun time.

A Visit with Santa

We went to see Santa at St Boniface again this year. (It might be out last). We got there as they were trying to leave but Mommy ran in to tell Mr. & Mrs. Claus that Claire and Alec were coming and could they please wait. And they said of course that they would.


Claire told Santa that she wanted a screwdriver and Alec wanted a hammer and a ducky tub.

IMG_0785 (2)

A pic with Ole St. Nick.

Waiting for Santa

A few Sundays ago, we went to St. Boniface to see Santa. We had breakfast at Grammy and Grampy’s first. Here are a few pics before we left.


Grampy and Alec reading the paper.


Claire coming around when she saw the camera flashing.

IMG_0775 (2)

A few pics I took before we left just for kicks. Turns out I got a pretty good one. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

We have done a lot of decorating for Christmas. We decorated the inside and outside of our house and helped out at Grammy & Grampy’s house too.


Claire decorating Grammy’s Nutcracker tree in the dining room.


Getting started on the Snow Village.


Claire with her ornament Mommy made for her this year. It’s all sparkly doo dah’d.

IMG_1454 - Copy (2)

Everybody’s ornaments Mommy made. First on the tree!


Tootsie roll wreath Mommy made for Claire’s teachers. Cute and tasty!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Weebo Has Arrived!

Weebo came in the night to start observing for Santa Claus.


Reading the story for the first time to Alec.


Pretty girl – so excited!


Weebo’s first landing place. Wonder where he will be in the morning . . .


We had Thanksgiving on Tuesday this year because Daddy had to work. It was the first time for us to host it. Mommy and Daddy learned a lot and baked their first turkey. Aunt Becky came in from St. Louis, Auntie Aiy Aiy & Thor were there along with all four grandparents. It was a lot of fun. We didn’t take many pictures for some reason but here are a few.


Gobble Gobble


Claire carrying the Thanksgiving presents.


With Daddy and their new puzzle.


Claire and Alec in their new matching Christmas Pajammies.


Happy Thanksgiving!

1st Thanksgiving


Alec 2011


Claire 2008


We don’t have many trees in our yard anymore but we sure do have a lot of leaves. We started raking early and will probably have to do it again but in the process Claire had a lot of fun.







And Alec watched from his exersaucer. He really wanted to play too.


And Daddy hauling leaves . . . lots of leaves . . .

November Highlights


An author came to Aiy Aiy’s school so she got an autographed copy of her latest book for Claire and Alec.


Claire got Alec ALL of his toys to play with while he was in the tea party. Such a good big sis!


Sweet Siblings!


Claire was playing with her dollhouse the other day and we were all at the table for Halloween dinner it looks like. She must not have been able to find the fourth chair because Alec is sitting on the toilet . . .


All dressed up as a Fairy Godmother. Complete with wand, cowboy boots and her birthday tiara. Daisy had to put on her party dress too.


Claire taking a ride on her “bike.”

She Turned Her Back

and Alec was playing with her Halloween house. Somehow we all stepped away from Alec for a moment and he made it break. He scooted over to play with his sister’s toys.


He was just playing away. No doubt trying to figure out how to get it in his mouth.


And of course Claire wanted to join him to play and get in the picture.

Our Golden Eagle

At school every month they have an assembly to talk about the month and upcoming events. They also have special awards called the “Golden Eagle.” The award recognizes students that are good citizens, students and friends. For the month of October, Claire got it for her class. We are so proud!


Claire with her teacher Mrs. Barrosso and I am guessing the Student Council President.


Here she is with her certificate.
She got a “Golden Eagle” pin too!

Note: We were so proud there were seven people at the assembly to see her get her award – Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Grampy, Grandma, Pa and Alec!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Trick or Treat!

We did a lot of trick or treating this year. Two evenings worth! On Sunday Daddy got off work at 4:30 so we took to the road and visited family.


Cute pic at Auntie Aiy Aiy’s house.


Fun with Grammy (and Grampy – the pic with him is on his camera).

We stopped at Grandma & Pa’s and somehow Mommy didn’t get any pics. But I know Grandma & Pa did so when I can get some they will be inserted here!


Last stop – the Larkins.


Halloween night trick or treating with Maya! (Claire’s best friend across the street).

Maya’s Mommy and Claire’s Mommy took the girls and Alec out for trick or treating around the neighborhood. We had such a fun time!

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Class Halloween Party

Claire’s class had a Halloween party at school. They got all dressed-up in their costumes and paraded through the school, did a craft, had a cupcake and listened to stories. Quite a fun party and Mommy got to go too!


They had a free-dress day at school so she got to wear her cute Halloween sweater.


Parading around


down the hall


trick or treating at the library


bubbles in their mouths . . .


her loan treat from the costume parade.


Coloring her picture frame craft


Cupcake and Juice


Class picture


Claire with a boa that another mom wrapped around her.

What a fun party!