Monday, November 7, 2011

Trick or Treat!

We did a lot of trick or treating this year. Two evenings worth! On Sunday Daddy got off work at 4:30 so we took to the road and visited family.


Cute pic at Auntie Aiy Aiy’s house.


Fun with Grammy (and Grampy – the pic with him is on his camera).

We stopped at Grandma & Pa’s and somehow Mommy didn’t get any pics. But I know Grandma & Pa did so when I can get some they will be inserted here!


Last stop – the Larkins.


Halloween night trick or treating with Maya! (Claire’s best friend across the street).

Maya’s Mommy and Claire’s Mommy took the girls and Alec out for trick or treating around the neighborhood. We had such a fun time!

Happy Halloween!


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