Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things I’ve learned in the past fifteen weeks . . .

1. If the baby has gone to sleep, don’t wait up thinking she is going to wake up at any time because that is the night that she is going to sleep through the night starting at 8:45. (and this is quite possibly the night that the dog throws-up at two o’clock in the morning)

2. There is a difference in diapers.

3. Shout! gets out more stains than you would think.

4. You have more interest in another person's constitution than you ever thought possible. AND you sometimes call your spouse to come look for a second opinion or just to witness whatever it is that you just discovered in the diaper. (Don't let Mike tell you any different, we have both coming running) This also gives more credence to number two above. (no pun intended)

5. Your child will wear the same outfit three times in one week simply because the unfolded laundry is handier than walking five feet to the closet of perfectly good and new clothes.

6. You will run the dishwasher and the washing machine/dryer more than you have your entire married life.

7. That you will probably never complete most any task that you once did in one sitting like say a top ten list . . .

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Jen said...

I hear ya, girlfriend! :) Except I could title mine "things I've learned in the past FOURTEEN weeks..." :)