Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Visit From the Easter Bunny

Since Claire has been such a good girl, the Easter Bunny visited her.

IMG_4002And brought her a really big ball!

IMG_4003She loves it!

IMG_4013And a shopping cart and a new Ducky!

IMG_4017 And then the Egg Hunting began.

IMG_4018 And she was off!

IMG_4019 The egg didn’t stand a chance . . .

IMG_4023Sasquatch (Cousin Thor) was spotted in the back 40 hunting eggs too.

IMG_4030 The shopping cart is handy in an egg hunt.

IMG_4056Everyone was out for the hunt – even Gramps!

IMG_4033 Uncle Gene and Grandpa helped out too.

IMG_4059Hey Grammy, you got any eggs?

IMG_4035  Where’s my shopping cart!

IMG_4039A successful hunt!

Happy Easter!

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