Saturday, April 5, 2008

Baby Likes Broadway . . .

The rest of the New York trip was not as exciting as the first part because I was in the conference everyday. The conference was good and informative, definitely worth the trip. Monday night we went out the dinner in Hell’s Kitchen at a Thai restaurant and decided to stay in the rest of the night because it was St. Patrick’s Day and the crazies were coming out early. Tuesday night we went the Phantom of the Opera and it was wonderful as always. At the beginning when it get really loud after the chandelier swings to the ceiling the baby just started kicking like say “What’s going on out there?” It was quite exciting. I thought I had been feeling her before then but for some reason this was so definite that I knew what it was. Very exciting! She did the same Wednesday night for Spamalot and Thursday for Young Frankenstein. We really enjoyed all of the shows and I think the baby did too!

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