Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Green Room is turning Beige

I took the day off Friday and Mike and I went out to breakfast and went to the Growing Kids Sale (we didn’t buy anything, I think you probably need to go earlier in the sale). We then went to Lowe’s to pick paint chips and look at things for the green room transformation. I am going hate to see the green to go away. I really love the color in that room. All the paint chips I picked were in the very light beige family. Ick! But it should be good for resale and we might as well paint the room once, right? When are we going to have time to do that again once the baby is here? So I have to pick the color but in the meantime we are trying to empty the room. There certainly is a lot of stuff in there. I am not sure how it all is going to go back in there plus the bed and some other stuff. Ack! So we might be having a really great garage sale one of these days . . .

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