Thursday, January 27, 2011

Claire has Named Her Baby Brother

Claire and Mommy were watching Mommy’s stomach jump around last night as her brother was doing his evening calisthenics. Claire said something to the effect of “Baby in there.” And we talked about him a bit and Mommy asked what we should name him and without missing a beat Claire said “Clifford Bear Lucy.” I said “Clifford Bear Lucy?” and she said “yea, Clifford Bear.”

I told Mike about it and said we would have to take it into consideration, short consideration, but consideration. We both agreed that we were surprised that she didn’t try to name him Charlie Brown . . .

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Anonymous said...

okay....i am a little slow, but i finally figured this out. : )

i just adore all of your posts and didn't realize how much I had missed. Yay to having my computer back!!!