Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Beautiful Day!

As everyone that lives anywhere close to us knows, yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. Claire, Mommy and Hazel played outside while poor Daddy painted the Master Bedroom . . .


Claire is ready to go!


As usual, if we are outside, we have to water something . . .


Claire kept wanting me to throw the frisbee to Hazel. But Hazel was more interested in retrieving balls.


So when Hazel wouldn’t go after the frisbee Claire would say “Don’t worry, I get it Mommy” and she would take off and retrieve it.


Hazel started playing along but that didn’t stop Claire from saying everytime “Don’t worry, I get it Mommy” and going after it. Hazel usually got there first, she is a bit faster than Claire.


At one point we had been talking about the airplanes going overhead and the new bird feeder and how there weren’t any birds. Then birds were chirping in the distance and she said “I hear birds.” May not be impressive to some but this is big stuff for a someone only 2 1/2.


Sticks were a big theme of the day, as usual. When she could keep Hazel from taking them she used them for all sorts of interesting things.


The last thing we did before calling it a day was check out the greenhouse. All is well, sort of. But there are lots of pretty flowers!

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