Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And then there were TWO!

Teeth that is. Little Miss Claire Elaine is working on her second tooth. I can't say she is the happiest camper about it but it is busting through whether she (or mommy) is ready or not.

In other news, I am alright (for the most part) but my car is not. I was going home on an early lunch to watch the Inauguration of our new President. I wanted to be at home with my family to watch such great history take place. Well I was on my merry way when I crossed Rogers on 58th Street on a green light through the entire intersection when a kid/teenager/something ran the light and nailed me. Hit me on the front quarter panel and spun me and hit my back quarter panel all on the passenger side. Next thing I knew I was hoped up on the curb/sidewalk stunned and wondering what the heck just happened. So there you go. I had to watch our 44th President take his oath of office from the DVR recording in a weird state of mind. Humph. Like I said, I am alright but I seem to get more aches as the time goes on. I am getting old and being thrown around like a rag doll in my car hurt. FYI.

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Jen said...

Check my blog for a special treat! :)

p.s. We think little miss over here may be working on a tooth soon. Lots of drool and a little crankiness at night. We'll just have to wait and see...