Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little People Massacre

As many of you know, we have a little contraption we like to call "The Corral." Some may call it "Baby Jail," we view it as an "Independent Play Area" so Mommy can get a few things done every once in a while, and Claire seems to think of it as a place to take off her socks.

So I left Claire for some "Independent Playtime" in the Corral and went to the tile room to hunt the gift tags and other various gift wrapping accoutrements. I could hear her "Playing Independently" and having a good time. After 20 minutes or so she starting calling for me and this is what welcomed me in the living room.

Evidently Clairzilla decided the Little People needed to be evicted from the Corral along with her socks . . . I hate to see their fate when she isn't enjoying "Independent Play." Maybe she really did just want to play by herself.

You should see what Hurricane Claire does to Little People Bethlehem . . .

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