Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

My family was to come over Christmas morning to have Christmas with us before Mike went to work but the White Christmas interfered with that plan. (my family has always done Christmas morning while Mike’s has always done Christmas Eve – works out pretty nice, eh?) So they came over once things thawed and Alison & Thor could get up the hill and Mom & Dad could get out the driveway and up ours. (Christmas dinner is now going to be New Year’s dinner.)

It timed out pretty well so Mike was home on lunch and we all got to open presents together.

Claire got all sorts of nifty things like this basketball goal for the tubby from Cousin Thor.

And a teapot from Auntie Alison. Tea anyone? (We have daily tea parties if anyone would like to join us.)


And Gramps got lots of nifty tools and gadgets.

For some reason I don’t have pictures of Thor and Grammy (or me). I was sitting next to Grammy and Thor was under the tree next to her so somehow I forgot to take pics of them. oops! Maybe someone else did.  Alison will be in the next post.

Merry Christmas!

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