Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year’s!

Welcome 2010. We hope this year is a better than the last. We had our Christmas dinner on New Year’s because of the White Christmas. Roast beast was on the menu (prime rib) with potatoes, green beans, rolls and of course black eyed peas (for good luck).

After dinner we opened the BIG CRACKER Grammy got us. It was really big and had enough toys for six people!    

Here we are checking out our loot and putting on our crowns. (well, some of us, party poopers)  


The one shot Auntie Alison could get before Claire ripped off her crown for the umpteenth time.


Mommy tying the balloon. Who in this picture doesn’t like balloons? (and the kicker was, it just popped in mid air later on for no apparent reason, I guess the poltergeist in Alison’s house didn’t like it.)


Claire checking out Mommy’s horn.

And Daddy’s.

Enjoying the concert.

And Mommy’s always ends up leaning to one side or the other.


Gramps was in the other chair but didn’t make it into any of the pictures. He was tooting his own horn the whole time, providing entertainment. And Auntie Alison was gracious enough to take the pics!

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