Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just call her Hoops Hassler

For Christmas, Cousin Thor got Claire a bathtub basketball hoop. Auntie Alison & Thor were over last night so we had the inaugural game.

IMG_3233 Score!

IMG_3230No, Hazel doesn’t normally drink out of the duck tub, there were four humans and a dog in the bathroom and all the humans were watching the game.

IMG_3232Let’s see if the duck works.

IMG_3236Huh, two can’t go in at the same time . . .

IMG_3254 Obviously pleased with her handiwork. Balancing a duck AND a ball on the rim isn’t easy.

IMG_3257Claire’s high score for the evening – she reset it a few times so she made a lot more baskets than this – she really loved this thing.

Things we learned that night -

- Claire can dunk.
- Claire rarely misses.
- Ducks are excellent rebounders.
- Dunking a duck counts as two points too.
- The dog takes liberties when company is around (alright, we already knew that).

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