Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh the Things She Can Do

With the New Year I thought I should list the new things Claire has added to her repertoire.

She can –

Put on her hat.
Tries to put on her vest – can get one arm in.
Tries to put on her shoes and socks.

Says –
No (shakes her head no too)
Doggie for Hazel and anytime she hears dogs barking.
And tonight tried to say milk

Words she we think are probably there but sound like a chimpanzee –

Signs – more, eat/hungry, milk, and drink, goodie.

She is also learning to say Mama to get my attention and use words to ask for things.

Plays tea party and pours the tea and drinks from the cup. Tries to pour tea in any cup close by. Play eats the cakes.

For her babies she feeds them, gives them something to drink and her goodie all while making the sound effects. Oh, and wipes their faces and has them kiss each other.

Wipes her face.

Feeds herself with a spoon or fork (when filled by Mommy – tries on her own but usually unsuccessful)

Tries to open doors.

Takes things out of cabinets and can put them back where she got them.

Pets and loves on Hazel

Knows these body parts – head, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, teeth, belly, hands, fingers, feet, and toes.

Very good about bringing things to Mommy or Daddy when asked.

Stacks her blocks six high (that is all we have)

Put her entire 15 piece puzzle together last night in less than 5 minutes. I only helped very minimally with getting the pieces in the holes, no help with the matching.

Oh and this is her latest trick for attention . . .


Double fisted - and you don’t want to know what she does next . . .

Note to Claire – be a good girl or this one will go in you Senior yearbook.

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