Saturday, December 20, 2008

Progress Report: T-4 days ‘til Christmas

Things are looking up and items on the "Things that must be done" are starting to be accomplished.

  1. Not complete – went to mall sans daughter and tried to scope out Santa (husband said he saw him and he waived at him, he was happy) but he was on break when we went by. Hunh . . .
  2. Complete - We have a picture of Claire in a Christmasy situation and prints have been made and they are in envelopes as we speak.
  3. Almost Complete – Aforementioned envelopes also contain Christmas cards. They are address and stamped but still sitting on the coffee table. Will be mailed tomorrow or Monday.
  4. Further along – We did some shopping on Friday that furthered the progress on the list. Yay!
  5. In Progress – We did a lot of cooking/baking today and we have many of the goodies prepared. There was actually a lot of melting involved . . . wonder what you call that, well besides melting.
  6. In Progress – Quite a few presents have been wrapped but there are still plenty to go. Mainly oddly shaped and small items – the not as fun ones.
  7. Complete – or as complete as it is going to get. Kind of went along with number five.
  8. Not complete – I haven't had a chance to knit on it for several days. I might have to start staying up late at night to complete. But I don't know how to turn the heel so I must have my mother help me.
  9. Not complete – Maybe someone will be nice and snap a shot of us tomorrow and it will be suitable for framing. A girl can dream, can't she?
  10. In Progress – We had brunch at some sweet friends of ours today and we took a hostess present and a present for Claire's friend, Kate. Claire's first Christmas present to give! And I think she quite liked it. Anyway, we have begun and will probably be doing so for a while to come.


Progress report complete - I hope to have more to report in the near future.

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Jen said...

I totally feel your "pain"! I've always prided myself on being prepared at Christmas, and this year it's just not quite falling into place! I'm taking baby-steps, though. Since we're doing gifts with my parents/family today, I've only focused on that. The others will have to wait until tomorrow! Also, only have 75% of the cards out. Others will be mailed tomorrow...hopefully! :)

p.s. I always carry a camera in diaper bag...I can take a pic of y'all at church if you want! :)