Monday, December 22, 2008

Progress Report: T-2 days ‘til Christmas

Time is getting close and the list is still not complete. I think having this public is helping keep the fire under me going to get it all done.
1. Complete – We went to see Santa Claus today. She seemed to like him just fine. She told him what she wanted for Christmas, I hope he understands baby!
2. Complete – Please see previous post
3. Complete – went in the post today!
4. Further Along – Mike went shopping today. Just a few more things to get . . . or not if we don’t do it soon.
5. In Progress – Still need to get everything together and find time to deliver it.
6. In Progress – But not any further than last post.
7. Complete – Sunday was yesterday . . .
8. In Progress – Knitted a dozen rows or so yesterday but still have a long ways to go.
9. Not Complete – Didn’t get a chance to try to get someone to take one yesterday. Maybe on Christmas?
10. In Progress – Finished purchasing said presents, again just need to find the time to deliver them.

Off to knit! I hope to get to the heel tonight.

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Jen said...

Yay for Claire! She smiled with Santa! He's not my favorite Santa ever, but he wasn't too bad for a first. Did you notice that his beard, eyebrows, and hair were 3 different shades? Weird.