Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Sick

So I guess it is going to take my being home sick to update the blog. I think one of my resolutions is going to be to post more often . . . define more often. Once a week would do it at this point . . . I hope it is more often then that. Claire is doing so many fab things! I need to be more like my friend Jen. She posts to her blog "Meet the McFamily" practically daily. And puts up current pics of her new daughter, Caroline, just one week younger than Claire all the time. She is a super blogger. I strive to be somewhere between the two of us.

So while being home sick sounds like it would be all fun and stuff I am afraid it hasn't been. I have a cold and my head really hurts. I dare say that Hazel is enjoying my being home sans Claire. (Mike's folks kept her today so he could study and I could rest) This is the first day I have been home alone or at least without child since she was born. Too bad I feel like poop. I haven't done anything but wallow in my sickiness. So since I don't have my child here with me, the sicko that I am I am going to blog about her instead, but in another much nicer post. Stay tuned . . .

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