Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ack! Christmas is a week away!

Ok, so I am trying to "post more often" and I am going crazy in the meantime. Not because of the posting but just because of life in general. Christmas is a week from today. TODAY! Ack! (involuntary eye twitch) and I am in no way ready. One, I have a four month old baby that takes all of my free time (this is not a bad thing; I just need to either A. Her go to sleep at 8:00 or B.Get three more hours in the day) Two, I am a woman, mother, wife, daughter, employee. (the other night I was going over what we had for whom with my husband (who has yet to purchase a present) and I was going over the fifth or sixth person on the list and he looked up at me with that "what? Are you talking to me?" look and said "Who, what" and I said "Your Mother! I am going over the list of things that I have gotten for Your Mother." I think he is finally clued in to the fact that Christmas is next week and the crazy lady with the list might need some help. I could have smacked him! (for all of those who know us, you know I have a wonderful husband and really couldn't ask for anything more - I just have to hit the reset button every so often))

Anyway, so I am going to post my high priority list of "Things that must be done" publicly and maybe they will be completed for fear of public embarrassment.

  1. Take Claire to see a Real Santa. (We had a pic at Bedford's but that was really just a fall back plan)
  2. Get said pictures or some nice Christmasy picture printed multiple times.
  3. Send out Christmas Cards (or at this point, quite possibly Happy New Year cards).
  4. Complete my Christmas Shopping.
  5. Make and distribute gifts for our two neighbors (that we know/like).
  6. Wrap the presents in something other than the sack it came in.
  7. Bake/Cook for parents' house on Sunday.
  8. Finish knitting Claire's Stocking.
  9. Take a family portrait.
  10. Visit friends and deliver presents.

So stay tuned to see how far this wild ride spirals. Wish me luck and any help with the list is appreciated. 

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