Monday, December 15, 2008

Claire updates

I shall list the wonderful and fabulous things that Claire has been up to lately for everyone’s entertainment and admiration . . .

Things she is ahead of the curve on . . .

She is a very happy baby. (She smiles and laughs and just likes to be happy. She’ll be crying for you in her crib and as soon as you pop your head into view she stops and just smiles and does her happy dance – btw, I think she might be a tap dancer one of these days. Oh and we rarely catch this on film. As soon as we get the camera out she gets a curious/skeptical look on her face. I think she thinks the camera is going to steal her soul or something . . . the one here is a rarity)

She has a tooth! (Well sort of, it is not a traditional first tooth nor in the right place and you can’t see it, but it has been around for a while and so she is terribly advanced for her age.)

She blows raspberries! (Well she is trying really hard to – she sticks her tongue out and blows and gets spit everywhere so she is well on her way of a full blown raspberry.)

She makes very loud annoying sounds. (We are thrilled about this one – she likes to make that “I’m gasping for air and making loud high-pitched sounds in the process” one the best. We hope this is a phase. We are pretty sure she is going to be an early talker for as much as she vocalizes. Yakety yak, yakety yak)

She fake coughs. (Mike and I are convinced that she does this from time to time. Silly little girly.)

She grabs for things and gets them. (She has been good at holding toys and whacking at things are a long time but now she is reaching and grabbing for things herself. Her favorite thing after toys? Noses and the spoon.)

She tries to sit up. (She is always trying to pull herself up into a sitting position and can sit up well when propped or in her Bebe Pod (like a Bumbo)

She is really good at growing fingernails. (Her fingernails grow a mile every two days and I can’t keep them trimmed fast enough before she has scratched herself again. Ack! I hate trimming her nails but I do at least twice a week if not more than that but those suckers can grow. I asked her if she just wanted to let me grow and be like that guy in Guinness Book of World Records but she just blew a raspberry at me so I took that as a no.)

Here are some recent pictures -

Claire's First Thanksgiving

Claire's First Meal

Claire's first (and hopefully only) Centerfold

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