Saturday, August 6, 2011


Here are the cakes that Mommy made for Claire’s birthday.


When I asked Claire what kind of cake she wanted she said “Chocolate!” Every question pertaining to her cake was “Chocolate!” So I made a “Chocolate!” cake along with the one I had already planned. This was my first attempt at “writing” with icing. Should have practiced a little first.


There are no Max cake molds out there that I could find so I fashioned his silhouette out of to round cakes. I think it turned out pretty well for my first cake sculpting. And it was tasty too!

Happy Birthday Claire!

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Friends of Kate said...

I'm amazed at the cakes!!! Holy cow!! You are awesome!! I'm bowing to you right now. Also, my SIL took a cake-decorating class. She said to write something on a cake, first frost it, then take a toothpick and "write out" your letters. If you mess up, you can always just smooth out the frosting before using the real thing. To me though, it looks just perfect!