Friday, August 5, 2011

“Aunties” Come to Visit

Mommy’s dear friends Daymara and Isabel came down to celebrate Mommy’s birthday and let the girls play together. And best of all they surprised Mommy with a massage appointment while they were there. It was wonderful. Oh so wonderful. Great massage and when she got home she got to spend time with her best friends.


While Mommy was at her appointment Auntie Mara and Auntie Isabel played crafts with Claire and Kaia. But where did they go? All I see are fairies!


Rarely seen footage, Daymara holding a baby!


And even playing with him too!

(She likes babies, she just usually doesn’t like to hold the small ones. There are a lot of people like that but I guess Alec cooed his way into her arms, the little charmer.)


The Pelican ate Claire!
Daymara got Claire a cute Pelican toy holder for her room. She was a little confused at first. (That is Isabel’s arm – she was there and looked really cute, but somehow she avoided all the photos!)

Happy times and Happy Birthday to Mommy & Claire!

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