Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little House on the Ferry

Is what Mommy used to call one of her favorite shows way back when. So of course Grammy had to get Claire a bonnet when she saw one at the Lawn and Garden Show this past weekend. Claire loves her new hat.


Sweet little Claire out on the Prairie (or ferry . . .)


Claire doing a little reenacting of times gone by . . .


Laboring in the fields.


Pansies she picked. Didn’t realize she has plucked so many until I saw the pile by the urn . . .


Coming to get her flowers . . .


Caught in the act.


Taking them anyway! Claire so loves flowers.


And who knew that George Lucas got his inspiration for Darth Vader’s iconic helmet from an upside down prairie bonnet. Claire often wears her bonnet likes this and I can’t help but have Darth’s (one of my first loves when I was young) theme run through my head.

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