Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Knitting

Claire has been working on her knitting for a while. She has been using chopsticks at home. One day she found some chopsticks, sat down and said “I knitting.” So Grammy and Auntie A were thrilled. The other day when over at Grammy & Gramps’ house, she pulled out Grammy’s knitting and proceeded to “knit”, and drop a few stitches. So we saved Grammy’s project and found Claire some needles to use. She disappeared and came back with a tea towel laced through her needles (as seen below). She sat down and started to “knit.” I asked her what she was “knitting” and she said “I knitting a blanket for baby brother.” Now does that melt your heart or what? What a sweetie. For the rest of the evening she worked very diligently on her “knitting”.




Switching sides?


Getting pointers from Grammy


Knitting while sitting on Auntie A’s feet. Brave girl.

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